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Only the best...From Oceanside, California

Zazz Internet Radio  Spotlight Artist

Zazz Internet Radio is proud to play, and promote, the most beautiful and inspiring music from the genius of the worlds greatest New Age, World, and Smooth Jazz artists.

Our Special Guest and Spotlight Artist is Shirley Cason - Pianist / Keyboardist.
We are very happy that we can bring this interview and spotlight artist series to you.


Randy: Our special Guest and Spotlight Artist is keyboardist, composer, recording artist Shirley Cason. Thank you for taking time to be with us at Zazz Radio.

Shirley: Thank you Randy for inviting me to be on Zazz Radio.

Randy: When did you become interested in Music?

Shirley: I became interested in music, at age four, when my parents bought my brother a theater organ to help him rebuild the strength in his injured hand. Because I took such an interest in music, from that point on I was given music lessons to learn how to play.

Randy: Did you know that you wanted to make music a big part of your life?

Shirley: Music has always been a big part of my life from an early age. I truly feel that my talent is a gift that I have been blessed with. I feel that I never had a choice in the matter. A lot of artists talk about this feeling that there is no choice. Music comes to us spiritually and stays within us, so it is very important to create music to be able to share this gift with others.

Randy: Who were your early influences in Music?

Shirley: My major artist influences are Barbara Streisand's and Janis Ian. I love Barbara's orchestra arrangements in her music. She has used the same musicians in her orchestra for years, which I think, gives them the capabilities to create the wonderful arrangements that they do for all of Barbara's music. I also was greatly influenced as a pianist and songwriter from listening to Janis Ian during her Columbia Records days. She is a master at writing the most wonderful expressive orchestrations for her songs. I also learned from listening to her music about artist integrity and telling the truth in my music. Which I think is the most valuable lesson of all for an artist to learn.

Randy: Do you fell that music has the power of influencing moods and atmosphere?

Shirley: Absolutely. People use music to create the environment around them that they need or want. For example: we play dance music at parties because it makes you want to dance and so forth. In the same breath…people play New Age Music to make a calm atmosphere at dinner, or after work. That's why I think it's becoming a popular genre.

Randy: What keyboard do you use to get the sounds you want in order to compose your music?

Shirley: I mainly use the Kurzweil 2500 keyboard. It has hundreds of sample sounds that I can choose to paint songs from. Twenty different pianos, tons of strings and drums, flutes, guitars and so on. It really gives me any sound I can dream of. I'm currently in the process of adding the Korg Trinton keyboard to the studio to use to record some songs for the next CD "Fall in Love, Again" which will be released next year.

Randy: Is there something that gives you the inspiration to compose the beautiful music that you do?

Shirley: The inspiration for my music comes from my heart and very personal events in my life that has either moved me to tears or laughter. Robert Frost once said, " If a story does not make the writer laugh or cry, it will not make anyone else laugh or cry either." I strongly agree, as a songwriter. With these emotions, I try to hear the sounds in my head that would express it musically. It's like painting a musical canvas. I hope that when people hear one of my songs that they can feel and see these events the way I did.

Randy: Tell us about your web site and how everyone can visit you on the web.

Shirley: We design the website to make it easy for people to enjoy the music while they are visiting us. You can look at pictures from each CD and of the things I look at that influence me when I'm recording in the studio. People will also be able to learn about the stories behind the music by reading the lyrics we make available at the site. We have two stores at the site. One where you can purchased the CD and the other store you can download the CDs. We have a message board where you can drop me an email. It takes me a little time, but I do answer every email that I receive from people visiting the site.

Randy: Any new projects or CD's coming up that you can tell us about?

Shirley: Yes. I am currently in the studio recording my next CD, titled, "Fall In Love, Again." The music on this CD will be as personal as the "A Summer Dream" CD. People will be able to drop by the website each month and listen to the songs from the studio session. We'll also be putting up some of the lyrics and pictures as they are created while this CD is being recorded. You can find this on our FREE MP3 page at the website. The plans are to release this CD next year.

Randy: Our Special Guest and Spotlight Artist is keyboardist, composer, recording artist Shirley Cason. We will be featuring your music on Zazz Radio. Thank you for taking the time to be with us.

Shirley: Thank you Randy for having me here at Zazx Radio. It's been a pleasure talking with you.


Pianist - Keyboardist - Songwriter

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