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"The music on FOREVER IN BLOOM is accompanied by lyrics which lay in wait for you to ponder... Although it is composed with a delightful sprinkling of "Ear Candy" the sincerity of the songs is apparent from the first track. Shirley has avoided many of the pitfalls that many other 1st timers make while creating their debut album. "Inspired by a whole life's lessons learned" is prominently displayed on the jewel case, and the music and lyrics fully support this.


If new age music is ready for its own "new age", then Shirley Cason's "Forever in Bloom" is ready to lead the way. "Queen of hearts" is alive with feeling; this type of keyboard caress does not come from a newby, it comes from the heart." - Enjoy!               

The most noticeable painting of music on this album is the song Queen of Hearts, which Shirley dedicates to the life of  Princess Diana.

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Album LYRICS & Notes


Every journey in life starts...

with your dreams

Once you start on your journey...

your spirit will lead the way

This song was inspired by Cancun Mexico Spray paint Artist, Eduardo Claro Perez's painting of "Sea Dance"


All waves in our lives are...

created by a sea breeze
Catch yourself a wave and...

start sailing your life's journey!

This song is dedicated to the loving memories of my Mom and Dad.


A moonbeam halloe a tiny bed
There was a bowed tiny curly red head
"Dear God", he prayed to heaven above
"Please bring back the one I love"
"Bring her back, returned her to me."
"For she was my Mom, Dear God you see"


A moonbeam halloe a tiny bed
There was no bowed tiny curly red head
For the Lord took him to heaven above
to walk in the light of his mother's love

The Lord took him to heaven above
to walk in the light of his mother's love

Mother's love... Mother's love...

The song Queen of Hearts

is dedicates to the life of Princess Diana.


No beauty nor gold no riches of Kings
Could keep me from my love forever to be
I made a wish and here you are
Lying besides me with all your charm
You are my love forever now


Beds lace with satin, diamonds and pearls
Will never give true love to this world
Make a wish upon a star
To find your true love look in your heart
That's the place that you should start


And in the springtime flowers will bloom
Love is in the air
Even the mountains will sing this tune
Love is everywhere!


So now you know what you must do
To find the Queen of Hearts inside of you
Make a wish, be who you are!
Then you'll find true love within your heart
It was there right from the start!

This song was written for my high school friend Kay K.   



How can you just leave here?
Leave your hometown behind?
You know you'll miss us all Kay
It's just a matter of time


You said that you were leaving.
Your pass here is dead and gone
Well if that's the way you want it
Who am I to hold on?


It's ok, Kay.
You do what you got to do
We shared dreams you know,
a friendship that grew.


It's ok,.. Kay...  
If you say it feels all right
I'll remember yesterday's stories
and move on with my life.

It's ok Kay... Oh Kay K...
It's ok Kay.... Oh Kay K....


Verse 2

But to me Kay that ain't no reason
Not to write or to give me a call
I can't understand your change of plans
I thought that this was your home...
I was wrong!


It's OK Kay... Oh Kay K...
It's OK Kay.... Oh Kay K....


(the Bridge with the horn section ! )

Verse 3

If you ever need a friend to talk to
Pick up the phone and

call my name out loud!

If you ever need a hand to hold to
You know I'm here to help out
I'm telling your Kay that's it's all OK
You can always come home

if you want to......


Verse 4
Well I need to end this letter.
I hope your address is right
If you ever hear this song
Please call me at the lake tonight!!

See ya Kay K, 

Oh Kay K

Miss ya Kay K,

Oh Kay K

Hope you're OK Kay,

Oh Kay K

LOVE YA Kay K ...

Lucelle Raad's painting of "Children" inspired this song

This song is written for my nephew who asked me to write about the lake we both vacation on


The moonlight on the water sparkles every where, there's silence in the air...

The mountains cast its shadows

on the eastern shores.

A peaceful night for souls

that wonder about starlight
Were stars always there

in the midnight air? 

And the glory of their beauty

makes you realize
it's good to be alive

Just to see ...


The sunshine on the water

sparkling everywhere,

sweetness in the air...
The trees on the mountain

reaches to the sky

the clouds flow slowly by...
And the flowers on the shorelines

are filled with butterflies,

birds and dragonflies

As you sit here by the water

your soul begins to fly 

Your heart feels so high!

And all at once you know

the meaning of love

Love is everything,

the mountains, birds and trees!

They'll ALWAYS be here

for everyone to share

The moon, the stars,

the eastern shores will be here


The moonlight on the water

sparkles bright tonight. 

Everything's so right.
The mountains are a sleep now

& peace is everywhere.

ETERNITY is here forever more!

Love lives on forever in your heart ~


I love you. You love me
Why is it that our lips don't meet?

I need you. You need me
Why is it that we disagree?

In the night when I go to sleep
I wonder where you are
I wonder if you're safe and warm
Far and free from harm

And if God really answered prayers
He'd make this one come true
He'd make your love come back to me
Forever in full bloom.


I need you. You need me
Maybe one day we'll agree

I love you. You love me
Maybe one day our lips will meet


~Forever In Bloom~

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