I wanted to record the music that is helping me stay RELAX during these trying times we are all going through. I’m so grateful to everyone that has been following my music throughout the years and so happy to have a new release!

My older sister moved in with me last year for medical reasons. She has a classical ear for music and because of that she was a big help listening to all the tracks, remixes, etc. while I was recording this album. It definitely made the journey of recording this album very enjoyable!


I finally learned how to create videos for my music. Each video has the lyrics and selected photos going along with the music that shares the complete story of each song. 

I hope you enjoy the new album and I would love hear what is your favorite song on it!


Stay safe with love & peace,

Shirley ~:~

Videos for RELAX

1. Relax

2. Missing You

3.Better Times Will Come

6. Try to Remember

Album Liner Notes & Lyrics


Album Liner Notes:

This simple melody is a beautiful way to open up and start the journey with you for this album. 



I miss you in the morning

and in the afternoon

I miss you in the evening

when my day is through.

I miss you during Christmas

and on New Year's eve

My heart just keeps hoping 

you'll come back to me

Missing you...

missing you...

missing you...

I'm missing you...

I miss you on vacations

and us looking at the stars

I pray that you are happy

where ever you are

I miss you at each Sunrise

and seeing your smiling face

I wish that I could hold you

and feel your embrace

I'm missing you

missing you

I'm missing you

Yes it's true

I'm missing you

been missing you

missing you  xoxoxo

"call me soon"


I love you !


Music & Lyrics by Janis Ian

Album Liner Notes:

Janis Ian wanted to give something to the world during this Covid-19 pandemic. Janis wrote this song then reached out to her musician friends to record their own version. This is my piano version of Janis Ian's beautiful song ~:~


Better times, better times will come.

Better times, better times will come.

When this world learns to live as one,

oh, better times will come


When we greet each dawn without fear knowing loved ones soon will be near When the winds of war

cannot blow any more

Oh, better times will come


Better times, better times will come.

Better times, better times will come.

When this world learns to live as one,

oh, better times will come


Though we live each day as our last

we know someday soon it will pass

We will dance, we will sing

in that never-ending spring


Oh, better times will come

Better times, better times will come.

Better times, better times will come.

When this world learns to live as one,

oh, better times will come


Words & music by Janis Ian, © 2020 Janis Ian (BMI) Licensed for use via Harry Fox


Written by Vittorio Monti


Album Liner Notes :

I've loved playing this song on the piano all my life. Stay safe with much love & peace, Shirley ~:~

Pubic Domain


Album Liner Notes:

The melody & lyrics came to me when I was just waking up. I was having a dream about someone very closed to me that has recently passed away. I turned on my phone recorder & this song just came out.


I hope the video brings your heart peace and comfort... love & peace, Shirley ~:~


You & I…

Will be together, forever.

I’m up in the sky.

It’s where I will be…


And every day.

When you wake up with the sun. Know I’ll be there…

for every one!


And when you see a rainbow

in the sky, know I’m smiling...

And when you see a bright star

in the night, It is me shining… shining for you !


Cause you & I…

Will be together, forever.

I’m up in the sky.

It’s where I belong…

And days will go by.

But I’ll leave you never!

Just feel in your heart.

It’s where I will be…


And if you ever get lonely

just think of me.

I’ll be standing right there

by your side… Smiling…

for you…


You & I …

You & I …

Forever ...




Music & Lyrics by Tom Jones 

and Harvey Schmidt

Album Liner Notes:

During the month of March 2020 of being in lock down for Covid 19 in the North East USA, I kept hearing this song in my heart.


My soul was replaying, in my mind,  all the days when I could go to New York City and the YMCA to swim, or get on a plane to travel to see my friends.  ...   


oh sigh...


until then my friends & family


My heart, mind and soul WILL REMEBER ! 


This virus WILL past !

love & peace

Shirley ~:~

Licensed for use via Harry Fox


Album Liner Notes:

I was in the studio trying to make another song work and I heard my creative angels saying.... "put that song aside for now and record this song instead."

This song was recorded, written in one take.

What this song means to me is....  SOMEDAY this pandemic will be over.   From our lips to the universe and God's ears.


stay safe...   love & peace, Shirley ~:~





Album Liner Notes: 

The inspiration for this recording came from what I call,  COVID fatigue


While being the studio recording, some days then weeks during this pandemic just melted into the next and the next.  Needed to remind myself what I was getting use to as a way of living WILL not be Forever.


As you can see as this album moved on in this new world... it came out in my recordings.


I truly still believe what Robert Frost once said,   "if the artist does not laugh or cry during their creation,.. it will not make anyone else either!"

I truly have kept that artist belief since recording A SUMMER DREAM for my sister that past and got wonderful letters from people around the world for being so honest in my recordings.   


Album Liner Notes:

I love this recording !  It's the Vangelis side of in me with my keyboards :)

This song was a challenge to make sure the soundtrack was held back a litle so if you were listening to this album in a headset and starting to fall asleep.... the music would be interesting to your brain and heart... but to let you continue on your peaceful relaxing journey in the music.

A Note From Shirley:

Hello everyone,

Thank you for listening to this album

Please feel free to write to me and let me know which song is your favorite on this album.

Stay safe.... until we see each other again and I can come play the piano for you live... 

love & peace,

Shirley ~:~

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