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Professional use with
Harry Fox Agency

Shirley Cason's music is available on Harry Fox Agency's for professional licensing, and harry fox music agency and harry fox music agency

1. Go to Harry Fox's 

2. Register to create Login ID & Password and then proceed to follow online instructions. and harry fox music agency /Harry Fox music agency helps you license Shirley Cason’s music for CDs & digital downloads. 

How much does Songfile cost?

The cost to use the Songfile service is $16 per song (plus the statutory mechanical rates). If a user licenses more than 5 songs in one transaction, the processing fee is reduced to $14 for each additional song (i.e. for songs 6 and up). The statutory rate is set by section 115 of the U.S. Copyright Act.O

Have a License Question for Shirley ?

Email :  or click our Website Contact link

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