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I recorded this album at "FDU college" outside of New York City without any "takeouts", "cuts" or "studio edits". This album was recorded for a fan that wrote to me asking to record a piano CD. "Shirley... My deceased father was a fabulous pianist... I miss him terribly. He died when I was sixteen of a massive heart attack. Things have never been the same since in my life. My question is do you have a CD of strictly piano recorded?"

I could relate so well from losing both my parents and sister ... this e-mail really inspired me to record a CD with Piano "versions" of songs from my other CDs, with a few new songs included! This CD is a wonderful way to hear how the songs sounded as I wrote them with just the piano before I added orchestra arrangements to them.

I hope this CD helps everyone find some quiet time
for when we all get lost in our hearts, in our souls
& in our minds for those we miss and love ~

Enjoy the quiet music...


Love lives on forever in your heart ~

I love you
You love me
Why is it that our lips don't meet?

I need you
You need me
Why is it that we disagree?

In the night when I go to sleep
I wonder where you are
I wonder if you're safe and warm
Far and free from harm

And if God really answered prayers
He'd make this one come true
He'd make your love come back to me
Forever in full bloom.

I need you
You need me
Maybe one day we'll agree

I love you
You love me
Maybe one day our lips will meet...

I wish my mom were here now...

Mama...where are you now?
Mama...can't see your face...
Mama...wish I could now...
hold you in my arms again.

Mama...deep in my dreams...
Mama...I hear your voice...
Mama...wish I could now...
see your green eyes once more.

When I wish upon a star
in the midnight sky...
I feel you looking sad at me...
you're wondering...why I cry

Mama...I know you're here...
Mama...your presence's near...
Mama...stay close to me...
until we all meet again

Until we all meet again...


Love lives forever
Free new age mp3 new age music & women mp3
 by Shirley Cason. Listen to piano new age reiki spa music online
Dreams are all I have of you
In the night when I feel all alone
It's then that I can talk to you
It is then that I feel at home

Once upon a summer day
I thought that you went away
You came into my dreams to say
you are gone but not far away

I'll see you in my dreams.
For in dreams we never die
I'll see you in my dreams
and together we will fly
To the stars and to the moon
To the mountain then to the seas
We'll be together you and I
together in my dreams.

Then there will come a day
when I'll need to dream no more
We'll walk hand and hand again
and be together once more.

Soon we'll hear our loved ones cry
Please come see me again
We'll fly into their dreams at night
and walk with them once again

We'll see them in their dreams
for in dreams we never die
We'll see them in their dreams
and together we will fly
To the stars and to the moon
To the mountains then to the seas
We'll be together you and I
together in their dreams...

For in dreams is where we'll live
In their dreams we never die
But until we meet again...
I'll dream of you tonight...

I'll see you in my dreams...
I'll see you in my dreams...
in God's light..........

This song is from my SUMMER DREAM CD
written in memory of my sister

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Music provided by - My Peaceful World

love & peace Shirley
& My Peaceful World team  :)

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iTunes & Amazon Customer Reviews

Fantastic Album!
by joeltbear

Awesome album, I can't even express how good it is in words. Shirley Cason is an amazing pianist and each song tells a story. Awesome album to listen to while trying to relax!

By Gregory L. Smith

Shirley Cason has a style of playing that is so enjoyable for me and others who have heard this CD at my home. I enjoy playing this CD as I read and found that it serves as wonderful background music for entertaining at home. I hope Shirley Cason comes out with a sequel CD.

Beautiful Music
By Pamela Grandstaff

I play a lot of music at work, mostly acoustic guitar or piano, and this is the MP3 album that receives the most positive comments. It's my favorite, and I start every day with it.

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