Relaxing Piano - Spa - Christmas Music by Shirley Cason - Peaceful Instrumental Soothing music.

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Welcome to
Shirley Cason's
Peaceful World Music Radio

On this show you will hear the new songs
that I'm currently recording for my next album

You'll also hear some Chillout music &
some cool Jazz grooves that I like to do in
the studio in my late night AFTER HOURS sessions!

I hope you enjoy the music I picked out
that's a little "Off the Beaten Path" of
what you normally hear on my albums

it's about the music ~ & making people happy

THANK YOU for Calling !

I'd like to thank everyone for calling your favorite
Easy Listening   Lite FM radio stations and
requesting my music to be played.

I appreciate your support !   Shirley :-)

There are some stations listed below...
see which one is in your local area !


I Thank you for calling your favorite station
requesting them to play my music ~

   To all Radio Hosts & Radio Producers
Thank you for playing my music on your show!

 - Thank you for calling your favorite

Please Write to us at and
Request the following...

1. MP3 of any album emailed to your station in 1 day.

2. Pictures to use at your website's artist info section.

3. Set up "live" interview in the Northeast area or Colorado.

4. Set up "recorded" interview

5. Autographed CDs to give away to your listeners during your radio show.

90.3 WRST-FM,Dr. Christmas Radio Show - Oshkosh, WI
A Ultima Fronteira
All Christmas Internet Radio - Internet Radio
Anima Lumen - Internet radio programs
Articmist Radio
Audiosyncracy - El Paso, TX
Beautiful Instrumentals - Internet Radio
BLU FM, "Heart and Soul with Evelyn" - Australia
Calm Radio - Internet Radio
Celestial Reasonings - Syndicated
Christmas Music 24/7 - Internet Radio
Christmas - Internet Radio
CKUW - "Shades of Classics" - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Echoes Echoes
En el Aire – Internet Radio
Galaxie - "The Spa" - Canadian Cable Television Music Channels
Galaxie - Canadian Cable Television Music Channels
Galaxie CBC Instrumental / New Age - Internet Radio
GotRadio - "Piano Perfect"
GotRadio - Heavenly Holidays Show
Holiday Seascapes - Internet Radio
KCCK Night Breeze - Cedar Rapids , IA
KCHO/KFPR, "The Lighthouse" - Chico, CA
KCPR Audioscapes
KCUR, "Night Tides" - Kansas City, MO
KDNK Wholly Bozos
KEAO - “The Beehive”
KEAO - MANAO RADIO Cocoland Sunrise Radio Show
KEAO, “Cocoland Sunrise Radio Show” - Maui, Hawaii

KETP - "Audiosyncracy Podcast"
KIPO Playlist International
KKHI - "Music Beyond Words" - Denver, CO
KKUP Mystic Music
KKUP Neptune Currents
KKUP, "Contemplation Connection" - Cuptertino, CA
KMST Sounds Eclectic
KMSU/KMSK, “World Beat” - Mankato/Austin, Minnesota
KRCB, “The Night Traveler” - California
KRSC Spectral Voyages
KRSC, “InnerVisions” - Tulsa, Oklahoma
KSBR Morning Breeze
KSER The Sunlit Room
KTEP “Audiosyncracy Podcast” - El Paso, Texas
KUAC NightLight
KVNF/KVMT Medicine Show
KXCI Brainwaves
KZUM Murphy's Magic Mess - Lincoln Nebraska
Lighthouse 95.9 FM
Montana Public Radio Oasis
Music Choice Soundscapes
MySpiritRadio - United Kingdom
NetRadio Relax - Minsk, Belarus - Germany
One Vibration Radio - Internet Radio
Pagan Radio Network
Radio Despi - La Orta Orilla – Barcelona, Spain
Radio Mir, Vladimir, “Music of Spheres”
Radio Rijnwoude, "Hey Joe" - Netherlands
Rainy Days Radio - Live 365 Show - Internet Radio
RFI Romania, “Journeys to the Infinite” - Romania
Seascapes - Internet Radio
Sky FM Solo Piano Radio - Internet Radio
SLOR Soon...Comes the Night - Netherlands - The Stream - Internet Radio
Spectrum Radio - Australia
Trabadour T1700
WAWL - Ancestral Rythyms
WAWL - “Light in the Night” - Chattanooga, TN
WDBX Music from Beyond the Lakes
WDIY Galactic Travels
WESS, "Alternating Currents"
WFCF - “Wings” - St. Augustine, FL
WFIT, "Global Groove" - New York, NY
Whisperings, Solo Piano Radio - Internet Radio
WIAA, “Repose” - Interlochen, MI
Winterscapes Radio
WJFF, "Gift of Peace" - Jeffersonville, NY
WKNH Planetary Prismatic Psonics
WMHB, "Stroke of Goddess" - Waterville, Maine
WMHB, “Mystic Sister” - Waterville, Maine
WMSE, “Instrumental Saturdays” - Milwaukee, WI
WNMC - "Inner Visions" - Traverse City, MI
WPNE At the Edge
WRBC, “Athan’s Journey” - Waterville, Maine
WSCS, “Music from the Cosmic Wheel” - New London, New Hampshire
WSGE Heartstrings w/ Mel Lowe
WTUL, "Cheezmuzik" - New Orleans, LA
WUTC - "Weekend Sunrise" - Chattanooga, TN
WVKR, "Secret Music" - Poughkeepsie, NY
WVUD - “The Morning Fog” - Newark, DE
WWSP Ambient Aether / Space Continuum
WWSP, "Acoustic Resonance/Fantasy Realm" - Stevens Point, WI
WWUH Ambience
WXPR Solitudes
WXXI Music of the 21st Century
WYBF The Pit

Radio Stations that plays Shirley Cason's Music
Peaceful Piano- Spa Music - Reiki Music - Ambiant Music to fall asleep to
Instrumental & relaxing piano instrumental Music - Easy Listening & Lite FM
Internet & Satelite Radio - Pod Casting - Cable TV - Pandora & Sirius Radio

Mystic Soundscapes - New Age Radio - Pete Havey - Internet
Shirley: Hi! Just wanted to say thank you for such wonderful music.
Your efforts are truly appreciated and enjoyed.
We play relaxing piano instrumental music and have just added many of your songs to our playlist.
I was wondering if you'd be able to autograph a couple of CD's for us to give away as prizes?
thanks again, and keep up the great work!    Pete Havey

Radio Praetoria - California, USA
Programmer: Wayne Wright
Yes... I'd love access to Shirley's Radio Downloads pages. Thank you.
The Best in New Age Radio - Ambient -World - Celtic Music!

WTUL 91.5 fm - Cheezmuzik - Phoenix Flight - New Orleans, USA
Hosts, Capt. Christopher - Ms. Courtney, the Morning Jewel

Zazz Internet Radio - Oceanside, California USA

I am sad to write that Host Randy Hilton has pass away in October 2003.
His voice will be truly missed on radio and the internet.
This is the transcript of the interview that was scheduled to air
Interview with Randy Hilton

KXCI 91.3 FM>- Brainwaves- Tuscon
KACU 89.7 fm- Daytime Music Mix -  Abilene
WERU 89.9 FM - New Age & First Nation East Earthtones -East Orland, ME - Karen Larsen
WMBR-FM 88.1- Dreams of a New Age Cambridge, MA - Tani Chen
Radio Kansas - Nightcrossings- Manhattan
KEDM-FM- Nocturnes - Monroe
CKUA 580 - Night Music - Edmonton
WNYC 820 AM/93.9 FM - New Sounds - New York
WKAR 90.5 FM- Music For A New Age - East Lansing
Alabama Public Radio> - Sonic Images
WDVR 88.5 FM- The Sound Alternative-   Sergeantsville, NJ - Carla Van Dyk
WMNR 88.1 FM- New Music Gallery - Monroe,CT - Dick Hageman
WDIY 88.1 FM- EMUSIC -Allentown, PA - Bill Fox
KKUP 91.5 FM- Mystic Music - California
WBAI 99.5 FM - Ear Massage -New York
WTUL 91.5 FM -Cheezmuzik - Phoenix Flight - New Orleans - Hosts, Capt. Christopher
WMFO 91.5 FM- Folk 'n Good Music - Medford, MA - Morgan Huke
WDVR 88.5 FM- Mist of Avalon- Sergeantsville
WXDU 88.7 FM- New Frontier - Durham, NC Marty Smith
KCPR 91.3 FM- Audioscapes - San Luis
WXPN 91.5 FM
Star's End - Chuck vanZyl WONB 94.9 FM - Ada
WVUD 91.3 FM- The Morning Fog - Newark, Del - Mark Ellis and Gary Dunham
WUMB 91.9 FM- Acoustic Sunrise - Boston
KBAC 98.1 FM
CKUW 95.9 FMShades of Classise-  Cananda
KSUU- Mindscapes - Cedar City
WSIA 88.9 FM- Morning Meditation - Staten Island
KKCR 90.9 FM - The Journey - Hanalei
WSIA 88.9 FM- The Mix - Staten Island
KRSC 91.3 FM- Sunday Interlude -Tulsa
KSUUCedar City
WSCS 90.9 FM - The Cosmic Wheel - New London, NH - Brad Hartwell
KEDM FM - Nitelite - Monroe
KCUR 89. 3 FM Night Tide Host: Renee Blanche
WOUB 91.3 FM - Audiosyncrasies- Athens
WMUA 91.1 FM - Martian Garden - Amherst, MA  - Max Shea
WXXI 91.5 FM - Music of the 21st Century - Rochester, NY - Chris Hickey
WNYC 820 AM 93.9 FM - New Sounds -New York
WKAR 90.5 FM - Music For A New Age - East Lansing

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